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   Home      Articles      Limited Service LLC, Real Estate Brokerage is offering a Limited Service Listing, which means that the following services will be provided:

1. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will be provided upon request. Just EMAIL the city, state and subdivision of your property’s location and an email will be returned with a CMA for that area.

2. Your property will be listed on and in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with an Exclusive Representation Listing Agreement. The MLS will not allow multiple Brokers to post the same property in the MLS at the same time. Therefore, the Seller hereby exclusively lists their property with LLC, Real Estate Brokerage.

3. Cooperating Brokers (Realtors) have permission and authority to make appointments and ask questions directly with you. Your private contact information will be posted in the MLS for only Realtors to view using their password. The MLS and does not allow private information to be posted on their websites.

4. The % commission that is offered to the Buyer’s Broker (Realtor) is your decision.

5. LLC, Real Estate Brokerage is available to accept delivery of Offers to Purchase your property, submit Counteroffers, provide a Seller’s Closing Cost Estimate worksheet and answer any questions relating to transactions that are presented by a Buyer’s Broker (Realtor) upon request. Buyer’s not represented by a Broker (Realtor) will be the Owner/Seller’s responsibility. To receive accurate closing cost information, based on the details of your Purchase Agreement, you will need to contact your closing title company.

6. Earnest Money should be held in an Escrow Account at the closing title company.

7. Your listing will stay ACTIVE for up to six months. You may cancel your listing at anytime; just EMAIL a request to have the property RELEASED from the MLS. Please note the "Protection Period" in the Listing Agreement. LLC, Real Estate Broker will not provide the following services:

a. LLC will not answer buyer inquiries or questions regarding your property. We will not schedule showing or inspection appointments; instead we will redirect those contacts, inquiries and questions directly to you.

b. We will not advise the Seller(s) as to the merits of the offers to purchase the property;

c. We will not attend the final transaction procedure at the closing title company.

d. And the Buyer’s Broker (Realtor) is not required to perform the above listed services and is not required to provide assistance to the Owner/Seller in any manner. LLC is your Broker (Realtor). Please contact LLC for assistance.

e. Finally, it is the Owner/Seller’s responsibility to contact LLC to update the MLS.

As a client of LLC, you agreed to pay all fines administered by the local MLS for not providing LLC, Real Estate Brokerage with accurate and up-to-date information regarding your Real Estate transaction.