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in Oklahoma City, OK, Tulsa, OK & Houston, TX areas!
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LIST A PROPERTY in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, OK or Houston, TX MLS for $149.
For a flat fee add the power of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to help sell your property.
  • Listed on Local MLS – For 6 Months!
  • The same MLS used by REALTORS®
  • MLS Listed within 48 Hours (once payment, photos and Listing Agreement has been completed via DocuSign)
  • Listed on and other prominent Realty websites
  • Advertise and Show the property yourself
  • Exclusive Marketing and Continuous Advertising
  • Unlimited MLS updates, including changes to your Listing Price or scheduling an open house.
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) (upon request) Email your City, Subdivision & Zip Code
  • You name the price, terms and commission
  • You choose the Buyer’s REALTOR® commission -
  • You offer only a commission to the Buyer’s Representative (traditionally 3%, but it is up to you)
  • Obtain your own Buyer and pay NO selling commission.
  • MLS4public LLC is available for Real Estate transaction assistance and to accept delivery of Offers to Purchase.
  • Real Estate Yard Sign lets Buyer's and Realtors know that you're listed in the MLS (optional)
  • If you do not find a Buyer, you may cancel your listing anytime.
  • FULL REFUND if you list with a MLS4public affiliate (Email us for a list of affiliates)
  • Key box / Combo box (optional)
  • Sellers Cost Estimate Sheet is provided by the Buyer's Lender or the Closing Title Co.
  • Earnest Money should be held in an Escrow Account at the closing title company.
To list your property in the MLS follow these simple steps.
1.  Pay Here - this will prompt MLS4public to send you a Listing Agreement via DocuSign giving us permission to post your property in the MLS.  You must compete this form before we can post your listing in the MLS. (Preview: Oklahoma Listing Agreement, Texas Listing Agreement).
2.  Complete one Data Form below. (If your property is not a single family home, please let us know so we can send you the correct Data Form.)
3.  Send a minimum of 6 photos (up to 20) in a .jpg format to
It is that easy!

Once your property is posted in the Local MLS system that data automatically downloads into other Realty websites including  How the information is ultimately posted on other websites is beyond our control. (& other Real Estate websites) sell zip codes to local Buyer Representatives (Realtors) in your area, so Buyer inquiries will go directly to that Realtor.  The MLS guidelines prohibit private information from being posted on their website.  If a Buyer is interested in your property, the Buyer will contact their Realtor so the Realtor can use their password to look up your private contact information. Our ultimate goal is to have Realtors help bring you a qualified Buyer.

Please Note:   If a REALTOR® shows your property to the Buyer that ultimately purchases your property, that REALTOR® is the Procuring REALTOR® and is due the commission.  It is the Owner/Seller’s responsibility to contact the Local Brokerage to update their MLS listing.
As our client, you agree to pay all fines administered by the local MLS for not providing the Real Estate Brokerage with accurate and up-to-date information regarding your Real Estate transaction.  Thank you for keeping us posted.